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Meet Rio

My name is Rio Wittmayer Roland. I was born and raised in the Turtle Mountains of north-central North Dakota. I have an undergraduate degree from Oregon State University in Bioresource Research and a Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Minnesota.

I am an engineer in the renewable energy industry designing utility scale windfarms.  Before that I was am environmental planner focused on watershed planning, hydrologic restoration opportunities and critical trout habitat preservation. 

I’m active with the Democratic Party and I serve on the executive committee of the Gallatin County Democrats.  I volunteer for the Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority and am on the Bozeman Citizen Advisory Board.  I’m deeply committed to meaningful change for Montanans.

Oh, I love to fly-fish and have a super cute dog, BeBe, who loves being on the water!

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I Am Running Because...
Because I Have A Vision For Montana's Future

Affordable Housing
A Montana where anyone working hard can afford to have a permanent home and a high quality of life and we leave no one unhoused.

Fair Taxation
A state government that taxes its citizens fairly while providing efficient services.

Public Lands
A Montana that continues to attract people from all over the world because of its beauty and accessible public lands.

Renewable Energy
A Montana with an energy economy that leverages its world-class renewable sources with a robust infrastructure.

Responsible Growth

A Montana where our way of life is not sacrificed and the costs of development and growth are not shifted to hard working Montanans.

Personal Freedom
A Montana that respects individuals’ liberties and does not feel inclined to legislate personal decisions that do not impact others.

House District 62 Neighborhoods

Four Corners, Middle Creek Parklands, Falcon Hollow, Woodland Park, King Arthur Park, Meadowbrook, Loyal Gardens, The Lakes, Norton Ranch, Bozeman Ponds, Valley, Babcock Meadows, Kountz Trailer Park, and Wagon Wheel Park

House District 62 is newly created through the 2022 redistricting process. The map below will remain the voting district until 2032. The district contains at least 10,742 residents and includes the high-growth Four Corners area.


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